“Maya saved my life. Well, most definitely at least my life quality. I had a surgery that catapulted me from one hour to the next into post-menopause and I had not even been near pre-menopause before the surgery. Every 15 minutes I had to endure a major heat attack, so bad, I just wanted to jump out of my skin. My great sleep at night was gone, every day was torture. I went to so many doctors, also an acupuncturist, took meds but nothing helped, absolutely nothing. I then went to Maya. Hours after my first session 70% of the hot flashes were gone. After the second session 5 days later they were gone 100% and I felt I had gotten back my life. Hugest gratitude for Maya’s incredible knowledge, care and dedication to her work. She is nothing short of amazing and her craft is astonishing. I go to her for everything now, whether it’s a cold, a headache, any kind of infections, viral or bacterial, her treatments work every single time. And it is always a pleasure to see her. And now during Covid19 she’s doing her sessions remotely and even that works like a charm. Don’t hesitate, just give it a try.

Oh, and for all the women out there that hope to get pregnant but their LH is “too high”: she brought mine down from 72 to 13 in just a few sessions!!! Couldn’t recommend her more whole-heartedly.”

Korinna Sehringer

“I have experience with various biofeedback modalities that focus on certain areas, like the heart or the brain and nervous system.  Biontology is more encompassing, able to positively influence the lymph, nervous system, hormones, organs, etc. etc using ultra low frequency, like sub-atomic frequency.  I had initially come to Maya because of low energy and digestion/intestinal problems.  Maya was able to detect pathogens, glyphosate (pesticides), remnants from vaccines, calcification, mercury, and the flu, amongst other things.  She gave me a treatment in that first session and while sitting there I felt a shift – first more tired, then more energy and relief.  I am sensitive and fairly aware somatically so not sure if this is the case for everyone.  However, my intestinal issues were better after one treatment and my energy also improved.  I went a few times over 3-5months and had boosts in energy each time. Maya has worked on removing Epstein Barr and vaccines from my system that were causing the depletion.  
Most recently,  amidst the “safer-at-home” covid limitations. I texted Maya I was having throat pain, excess mucous, and felt off in a few specific areas. She was able to use my photo to do a scan of me while I stayed home.  She found staph in my throat and flu still hanging around in some organs.  (I had had the flu a couple months earlier).  She told me she was starting the scan and I may get tired.  I did get a little sleepy a few hours later.  I let myself rest, but felt my symptoms improving slightly.  The symptoms reduced 30% each day since the day of the scan and within 3 days I was back to myself.  It was amazing to not have the throat pain, since I had tried a few western medicine treatments to reduce it to no avail.
Now knowing how adept Maya is at diagnosing the problem at hand, I have reached out to her via phone when I feel symptoms coming on.  She has brought my awareness to higher levels of radiation/EMF in my body, which is weakening to my immune system and other body systems. She is able to do a quick scan using my photo while I am still at home and I do feel my energy return and the symptoms clear within days.  The awareness about this issue has allowed me to increase my own self-care with pro-active measures to balance the EMF.
I have had side effects from traditional western medicine prescriptions or they don’t do anything, so when I get sick I don’t always know where to turn.  The Biontology treatments have truly been wonderful for me.  Maya is skilled at diagnosing and the ability to stay home and still receive care is everything.    The Biontology combined with Maya’s expertise is a gift for anyone who may have been failed by traditional methods and/or may be looking for less invasive while still effective medical care.”
Warm regards,

J.R., Los Angeles

“I first sought Biontology treatments from Maya to deal with several physical issues that had not resolved by any more traditional approaches. At this point, I no longer have any menstrual problems and am feeling much better in general. The Chiren machine that she uses is really incredible at detoxing the body from vaccines, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria which seem to cause the vast majority of illnesses.
What makes Maya so special is how intuitive she is. She has a natural gift for healing and somehow knows exactly what you need in each session. She is also a master at muscle testing. It’s truly amazing how she can test any supplement or any food or really any question at all and receive an accurate answer!  If you have been dealing with a chronic disease or autoimmune disorder and Western medicine has had no answers, I highly recommend that you try Biontology with Maya!”

Jessica Tisdale, Los Angeles

Maya and Biophoton Therapy using Chiron has absolutely changed my health for the better. I found Maya through a deep search for healing my pain. First it was my jaw and the horrific TMJ I had. I saw dental surgeons,cosmetic dentists, spent thousands of dollars with no pain relief. No one could figure out how to take away my pain. Maya started with some Cranial Sacral therapy. First session my years of stabbing pain was gone!!!! I talked to her about my other health problems and that’s when she introduced me to Biophoton Therapy using Chiren which has completely changed my health. Balancing my hormones, helping me heal from surgery, to helping my skin, she even helped me survive E.Coli poisoning!! Biophoton and all its magic has done so much for not only my health but my dogs health as well!! My dog has terrible allergies. She made some water charged by Biophoton/Chiren and I put it in my dogs water for 4 days and my dogs eczema was gone!!! This therapy has worked on removing all the toxic vaccines I’ve gotten over the years. Helping heal my organs, my blood, my body and my mind!! She has a deep intuition of how to help heal whatever the case may be!!! I praise her work and the healing abilities of this therapy!!! Book your appt you will not be sorry.”

Stephanie H., Venice, CA

I would like to share with everyone the results I get with Biontology healing.  I first started to see Mya in person.  When she mentioned to me that she does her services remotely, I decided to switch.  So for the past 6 months she was been sending me different forms of healing.   I will say as soon as she gives me a treatments, I feel an immediate shift.  It is amazing.  She has helped me out quite a bit. She is always there for you and a lovely person.Depending on your stress levels or your body’s factors will depend on how long the treatments last.   However I will say they support your body’s healing process.  Give you immediate results and help the healing process. I just text when I feel I need a lift. A must try. 

Linda Allen, Cheviot Hills, CA


“I have had the great honor of Maya’s Craniosacral Therapy and recently Biophoton Therapy.  I call it, Maya’s Magic Machine.  I have never been in better health or felt so good, mentally and physically.  Maya is a dream therapist:  empathic, brilliant, impeccable, bright, and always engaged.  A combination of her therapies is transformational in every sense of the word.”

Mary Marcus, Los Angeles


“I am a client of Maya’s and have used her bio photon treatments. I was referred by a friend and knew little about this technology, but after receiving just a few treatments there’s no question about improvements in my health and feelings of well-being. I plan to continue treatment when things return to normal. 
Maya is knowledgeable and patient about explaining how this technology works. I believe one has to try this technology and judge for themselves.”

J. Jeffrey Morris, Esq. 

“Maya has used Biophoton Therapy on my Jack Russell who is now having much less trouble with his allergies.  And doesn’t itch as much.  It is pretty amazing to see the results in my dear dog.  I don’t know exactly what she’s doing but I’ll keep taking Henry and myself to Maya.”

Harriet Prince, Santa Monica, CA

“There are very few people who have the tools and knowledge to address so many aspects of healing as Maya does. Although I am living a healthy lifestyle, and I am pretty aware and knowledgeable about what’s good for me and what’s not, there can be issues that we can’t heal ourselves. Could be old scars or traumas which can affect our health over the years. The Biontology approach is extremely effective and can address those issues. 
I remember one session specifically, it was the day after an international flight back to LA. I felt horrible, very jet laged and had a splitting headache all day. Nothing I knew helped and I don’t take pain medication. Within 10 minutes of Maya’s treatment not only was my headache gone, but I could also think clear as if it was normal day without any time difference or lack of sleep. Simply Amazing! I highly recommend getting a Biontology treatment!!”

Claudia, Massage Therapist, L.A.

“I have been told to use this machine, because of the good results, people I know told me about. For some people it is hard to understand that this machine works, because it is hard to see. Why do people go to church? They can see god? This machine showed the absolute right results about the condition of my body and on top of that, it stopped my cravings for alcohol. Give it a try and enjoy the surprise!”

R. R. , Entertainer

I’m a bit of a cynic and skeptic, but Maya’s Biontology work has made me a believer. I honestly don’t understand how it works, but had been suffering from allergies and a weak immune system after having 2 C-sections and a brief Lyme Disease diagnosis in under 3 years. After trying various treatments from diet to acupuncture and cupping, Maya helped me strengthen my immune system so I’m much healthier and able to withstand sickness.  Try it, you won’t regret it!

P.A. Venice, CA

I’m new to biophoton therapy. Maya was very helpful, thorough and knowledgeable in explaining all aspects of treatment. The results were exactly as expected. Maya’s attention to detail and sensitivity to my needs during treatment made me feel comfortable and relaxed in her expertise as a highly competent therapist. I’m very impressed with this healing modality. I highly recommend Maya to everyone and I will always consider her when in need of quality treatment.

Mark Baer, Santa Monica CA

Biontology LA has been an amazing experience and eye-opening for me and my family.
Helping to address untreated legacy issues and strengthening the immune system, has given myself and the entire family lots of positive energy and peace of mind.  Some of the sessions were even given remotely…!
What else can we wish for during these difficult times…

Thomas, Zurich, Switzerland