Being 100% natural and edible, these amazing products are unique in their effectiveness and composition.
They present a breakthrough technology that enables a cell to draw in frequency impulses and absorb them within seconds.

Nano-vibratory factors penetrate deeply into the skin to reverse issues of functionality (i.e. the aging process), rejuvenate cells and make you shine from the inside out! This is cell regeneration & activation at its finest and aims to work on physical, emotional and mental levels.

The cells don’t react or change from the frequencies. No chemical reactions or changes to the cells take place. The frequencies bring forth harmonization and regeneration of the cell’s inherent healing capabilities.

The founder and originator of the company Tibor J., is a Hungarian medical scientist, researcher and world traveler. He has combined allopathic and alternative principles to his products with utmost integrity. The company strives to use the best ingredients for repeatable quality and results.


Legal notice: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Use at your own risk. Consult with your health care professional before use. These are purely cosmetic & body care products.


“After spraying my spine and head with the Gold Spray for a few weeks I feel much more relaxed in general, more energized and am pain free. I had issues with a herniated lumbar disc for years.”

“Aging spots on my forehead and a mole on my cheek disappeared after 2 weeks of using body lotion with a few drops of XOL Serum.”

“The energy spray is incredible. It helps me relax and overcome the emotional ups and downs of premenstrual hormonal imbalances.”

“Friends say I look 10 years younger than last year. Some deep wrinkles around my eyes have disappeared by using GEM anti-aging cream and XOL for a few months.”

“A scar I had from a knee surgery years ago was still deep red and painful. I was told to use XOL and Body Lotion. For a few nights I experienced pulling sensations, then the color started fading over the course of a few weeks. The scar is now hardly visible and the pain is all gone.”

“I sprayed Minty 32 on my painful bunion. The pain ceased within 2- 3 minutes. It hasn’t come back when I spray it daily.”

“I had acne and acne scars for years. This caused lots of self-esteem issues. I tried several of the Lavilife products. The Sensitive Gold Spray and the lotion seemed to help the most. Some of the scars are still visible, but healing slowly, active acne is gone.”

“Since I take Heart 3x/day I sleep much better and my varicose veins got a lot less painful.”

“The sprays calm down my kids when they are hyper and it works on my pets too !”