In Mid-March 2020 we suddenly found a high increase in radiation in most people in Los Angeles. A similar situation seems to be true for other cities. We noticed that this disturbance seems to be weakening many glands and other vital organ systems, leading to fatigue and immune weakness. Faraday cages will protect the body by blocking EMFs at least at night, when we are meant to rest and regenerate.

We put together a collection of faraday cages we recommend. They are high in quality and much lower in cost (as we have them custom made and get them wholesale). Note that often they don’t have a bottom sheet (which is really important to have in order to shield off radiation properly)

We offer remote EMF Biophoton Treatments (every 3 days with picture) $150/month

EMF Fabric is available at $40 a meter (it comes in 1.5m width)


cube canopy & regular canopy

1. 50 x 230 x 600cm~single door FULL/TWIN          $430   
(bottom sheet: 120cm x 200 cm)
2. 50 x 230 x 800cm~single door QUEEN/FULL      $530   
(bottom sheet: 160cm x 220 cm)
3. 60 x 250 x 1200cm~single door KING                    $690   
(bottom sheet: 230cm x 210cm)
4. King Cube: 220 x 220 x 220 cm                        $950     
(bottom sheet: 220cm x 220cm)

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above products please contact us here: